MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership has set the standard for effective practice for mentoring. MENTOR’s keystone publication on mentoring standards has been recently updated and released to include the latest research and practice wisdom available to help mentoring relationships thrive and endure.

"The Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring™, 2015 Edition", was sponsored through a generous grant from The MetLife Foundation and, as in past editions, brought together the nation’s foremost authorities on mentoring under the leadership of Dr. Jean Rhodes of the University of Massachusetts, Boston, and Dr. Janis Kupersmidt of innovation Research &

This new publication includes six evidence-based standards addressing mentor and mentee recruitment; screening; training; matching; monitoring and support; and closure. Each standard offers benchmarks for day-to-day operations, and they are applicable in stand-alone mentoring programs, as well as programs where mentoring is one element. Each standard also offers enhancements that program staff can incorporate, based on the experience of outstanding mentoring practitioners. 

Further, this resource includes a section on practical advice in building a new mentoring program or strengthening an existing one. It focuses on program design and planning; program management; and program evaluation.

Download a copy of the Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring™, 2015 Edition and the Checklist for Mentoring Programs.

"How to Build a Successful Mentoring Program Using the Elements of Effective PracticeTM" is a comprehensive tool kit, which includes tools, templates and advice for implementing and adhering to the second edition of the Elements--rigorous guidelines that, when followed, will help to ensure quality

Whether you are new to mentoring or a seasoned veteran, this tool kit will save you time and effort because it contains materials and information you need to start or maintain a quality mentoring program. The tool kit is written to follow the format of the Elements--but it allows you to take portions of it in a different order, depending on whether you are starting or strengthening your mentoring program.

Download the full toolkit in English (PDF, 1MB) or Spanish (PDF, 3MB) or by section:


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