• is a structured, one-to-one relationship or partnership that focuses on the needs of mentored participants.

  • fosters caring and supportive relationships.

  • encourages individuals to develop to their fullest potential.

  • helps an individual to develop his or her own vision for the future.

  • is a strategy to develop active community partnerships.


Responsible mentoring can take many forms:

  • traditional mentoring (one adult to one young person).
  • group mentoring (one adult to up to four young people).
  • team mentoring (several adults working with small groups of young people, in which the adult-to-youth ratio is not greater than 1:4).
  • peer mentoring (caring youth mentoring other youth).
  • e-mentoring (mentoring via e-mail and the internet).


Mentoring can take place in a wide array of settings, such as:

  • at a workplace.
  • in a school.
  • at a faith-based organization.
  • at a juvenile corrections facility.
  • in a community setting.
  • in the virtual community, where e-mentoring takes place.


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